A climate debate that scientists must settle

Getting to net zero emissions by mid-century is conventionally understood as humanity’s best hope for keeping Earth’s surface temperature (already 1.2°C above its pre-industrial level) from increasing well beyond 1.5°C – potentially reaching a point at which it could cause widespread societal breakdown.

Sunak’s challenge

The United Kingdom’s migration strategy has taken an unexpected twist, placing Rwanda at the centre of a controversial drama.

In or Out?

Italy, a nation synonymous with history and culture, stands at a crossroads, confronting the intricate challenge of immigration amid a swiftly ageing population.

Hydrogen Safety

In the realm of safety, regulatory, and policy considerations, fostering a hydrogen economy is imperative as safety serves as the linchpin for its promotion.

Downfall of a police ogre

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) was created by the Protection of Human Rights Act which was passed by Parliament in 1993.

Inflation Headwinds

Amidst the waves of economic optimism, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) finds itself anchored by concerns over inflation, specifically the looming spectre of food price pressures.

Poll-eve challenges

As Russia stands at the threshold of President Vladimir Putin’s re-election bid, it grapples with a nuanced economic narrative marked by both resilience and challenges.

Peace Moves

Amid geopolitical stress in the Northeast Asian region, some recent developments show signs of some optimism that the faultlines can be plugged if sincere efforts are made by the stakeholders.