Jobs for Locals

The recent decision by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to temporarily shelve the proposed job reservation bill for Kannadigas has ignited debate across various sectors.

Recovery Budget

In light of the recent setback in the general election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government faces the urgent task of revitalising the Indian economy and addressing concerns expressed by voters.

Emerging Pandemic

Spurred by climate change and global trade, pathogens that cause plant diseases and crop-destroying pests are increasing and spreading far and wide.

Indian varsities will need funds for AI research

In a recent Wall Street Journal a rticle by Isabelle Bousquette, academics from Brown, Columbia and Cornell University complained that universities in the United States are finding it difficult to keep up with research in artificial intelligence (AI) because it is simply too expensive to do so.

Strategic Balance

The recent diplomatic dance between India and the United States, highlighted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Moscow, signals a complex balancing act that harkens back to historical precedents.

Nato Dilemma

The prospect of Ukraine joining Nato has long been a contentious issue, but the statements by former Russian President and current deputy chairman of its Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev have elevated the stakes to a new level of tension.

Growing clout

The Americans are “a very lucky people. They're bordered to the north and south by weak neighbours, and to the east and west by fish.” Bismarck had supposedly made such a remark.

For a better class of civil servants

News reports pertaining to a probationary officer of the Indian Administrative Service fraudulently benefiting from allegedly false certificates to qualify in the civil service examination and for brazen behaviour and gross misuse of power and position conceals more than they reveal.

Militant Attacks

The militant attack in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir, which claimed the lives of four Indian soldiers, including an officer, marks a significant escalation in the long-standing conflict.