Some stray thoughts on India’s sporting journey

The world is getting ready for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris which starts later this month. As a young boy growing up in post-independence India, I had a sincere wish to see my country gain prominence on the world stage and to see Indian athletes succeed in international sports.

Balanced Diplomacy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction with Russian President Vladimir Putin has captured global attention, underscoring the complexities of international diplomacy in times of conflict.

Unfinished business

The traumatic episode of emergency must act as a reminder of the responsibility of democratic institutions in always safeguarding the freedoms and rights of citizens.

Jobs Illusion

India’s employment data presents a rosy picture at first glance, with substantial growth reported year on year. However, a deeper dive into these numbers reveals a more complex and troubling scenario.

Simple messages to underpin education

At a time of increasing commercialization, it is only to be expected that the role of education as a means of bringing social change has been getting less attention and in fact has been marginalized.

Rethinking Development

It is being argued that the people who are most likely to lose from genuine social change - the elite - have placed themselves in charge of this change, often with the passive assent of those most in need of it.

Oil embargo

International law assumes a new economic dimension, as indeed the Russia-Ukraine war, with Friday’s decision of the European Union to approve very shortly what it calls a “phased embargo” on Russian oil.

Pakistani Taliban

Since last August, the Pakistani Taliban have carried out 82 attacks in Pakistan, which is more than double the number over the same period of the previous year, according to data advanced by the Pak Institute for Peace Studies.