Brown lives matter, too

The most disruptive and divisive series of events that I have seen during my life in the US was what happened after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minnesota in 2020.

Taken at the flood

For 146 long days, Hollywood’s writers stood together in a battle that transcended wage disputes and contractual negotiations.

Cauvery Conundrum

In the heart of south India, the Cauvery River flows as an embodiment of vitality and sustenance.

A fragile peace~II

As far as the present ‘peace’ offensive in the Valley is concerned, it is quite possible that peace is gradually returning to the Valley, and there has indeed been a dip in violence.

Old ploy

An India-Pakistan knockout game would have been an administrative nightmare.

Revolt in Cuba

The decision has been greeted with derision, with a critic tweeting, “Blood wasn’t spilled on Cuban streets in order to import a few extra suitcases.”

Religion and Businesses

Religion is a key determinant of not just social harmony but economic development too. A large number of studies from across the world have found some correlation between the economic development of a country and the predominance of religion in its social life.