Brown lives matter, too

The most disruptive and divisive series of events that I have seen during my life in the US was what happened after George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minnesota in 2020.

Taken at the flood

For 146 long days, Hollywood’s writers stood together in a battle that transcended wage disputes and contractual negotiations.

Cauvery Conundrum

In the heart of south India, the Cauvery River flows as an embodiment of vitality and sustenance.

A fragile peace~II

As far as the present ‘peace’ offensive in the Valley is concerned, it is quite possible that peace is gradually returning to the Valley, and there has indeed been a dip in violence.

Crisis staved off

The justices, in their unanimous decision, said that it would be appropriate to start the process from where the mistake was made. While Mr Deuba has been sworn in, the challenges he faces are formidable.

Contradiction on China

For all these decades, Beijing has been in occupation of Indian territory. Yet India has in recent years spent billions of dollars of foreign exchange importing a great deal of goods including toys and even statues of Hindu deities. Because of these imports, many of our small and medium industries have had to shut down.

Redevelopment of our urban housing must be inclusive

In the absence of institutionalised post-occupancy evaluations and feedback mechanisms quickly informing policy, government agencies concerned with housing seem to relentlessly repeat the number-achieving drill, ticking off beneficiary lists oblivious to the quality of living environments being created on ground.

America sizzles

Residents in additional parts of southern Oregon were under “Go now” orders on Sunday while still more were told to “get set.” In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown declared a state of emergency on July 6.

Targeting N-facility

However critical the charge relating to a potentially explosive issue, the reponse of Israel has thus far been muted though the conservative regime in Iran has been suitably prompt in internationalising the daring strike.