Repurpose wealth to make it relevant

Should the world de-grow to delay hitting the limits of growth? There is a growing outcry that the relentless push for GDP growth is causing social inequity and irredeemable planetary damage.

Defending India

India’s endeavour to bolster its military might unfolds as a complex and nuanced narrative. The recent strides made by the Narendra Modi government in remaking India’s military apparatus reflect not only a response to the rising spectre of Chinese power but also an intricate weeding out of ghosts of the past.

Amazon battle

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, President Lula da Silva of Brazil is engaged in a high-stakes battle to save the lungs of our planet. The recent crackdown on illegal gold miners, or garimpeiros, marks a notable shift from his predecessor’s laissez-faire approach.

Exchange of words

These angry words were written by Jayaprakash Narayan to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on 17 November 1950. The occasion for this heated exchange was a crisis in Nepal when the King of Nepal took refuge in the Indian Embassy and was later flown out to Delhi.

Gibraltar’s fate

Gibraltar stands out as a persistent point of contention between Spain and Britain. The announcement by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares

Straw in the wind?

Geert Wilders, a veteran far-right politician, best known for his antiIslamic rants shocked everyone, as he led his Party for Freedom (PVV) to a victory in the Dutch Elections.

Trump and Trumpism are both alive and well

Once, there was a “madman” in charge of the Oval Office by the name of Donald Trump. Even though he had to leave the White House about three years ago, he might not be written off.

Bold Initiative

The centre’s announcement of a phased introduction of blending biogas with natural gas is a significant move towards sustainable energy practices.

Falling short

The country’s economy is facing a familiar challenge ~ the perennial struggle to meet divestment targets. The revelation that the Centre is set to miss its divestment goal by a staggering sum in the current fiscal year is a stark reminder of the persistent hurdles on the road to economic reform.