Stitched together

In the labyrinth of Indian politics, alliances are not merely tactical moves; they are intricate dances that require finesse, timing, and an understanding of the electorate’s pulse.

Trump’s long shadow

The deadlock in the US Congress, influenced by the spectre of former President Donald Trump’s return to power, has cast a shadow over potential military aid to Ukraine, leaving the nation vulnerable in the on-going conflict.

An agenda for farm sector

The key to a satisfactory food and farming system is to bring together and promote at the same time the four most important concerns of protecting livelihoods, environment, biodiversity, and food safety.

Retracted Research~II

Many papers rejected by reviewers for whatever reasons go on to be published in some other journal. The published paper is also rejected by the same journal if and when resubmitted a few months later. One classic case is instructive.

Fair Trade call

The recent revelation that India intends to oppose the extension of a global ban on cross-border e-commerce duties at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) raises critical questions about the intersection of technology, commerce, and international relations.

US Veto

In the hallowed halls of the United Nations, where decisions shape the destiny of nations, the US veto of an Arab-backed resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict has ignited a storm of controversy.

Indian Shakespeare~II

If the story of his alleged migration from north (or central!) India to the distant island of Sri Lanka to join the court of Kumaradasa (around 517 CE)

Tech slowdown

Nasscom’s cautious outlook points to many challenges, with delayed decision-making and restrained client spending standing out as the primary culprits.

Indian Shakespeare~I

We call him Shakespeare of India. We regard him as the greatest poet and playwright of ancient India. The world recognises him as one of the greatest poets of all time.