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Trending colours to start off the spring season in style

Wearing these trending colours, no one will miss you walking by them.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Come springs, there are many new colour trends making the rounds. Wearing these shades which can range from a super-bright yellow to a subtle peach – signals a certain kind of amazing confidence and beauty that is hard to miss. Everything else looks kind a bland next to them. Some of these hues are just as loud as a bold print and some are as cool as a subtle print. The loud ones are super eye-catching and bright to glow you up. On the other hand, cool colours are very pleasant to eyes and they are just right to dive into the trend. Introduce these colours with creative dressing and beautiful accessories to lighten up the season of vibrancy and rainbow colours.

Here are the latest spring colours which can enhance your wardrobe this season:

Orchid pink: It is a trendy pink with the tones of purple, blue, pink and grey. The name of this colour has been taken from the orchid flower. The colour describes an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. It is a bright shade which you can wear on its own from head to toe or mix and match it with other complementing hues, it’s all up to you. Sophisticated silhouette in this bold colour commands attention. The colour is on this season’s hotlist.

Olive green: Olive green has taken over the traditional, western and fusion wear all across the globe. The neutral characteristic of this khaki green colour enables matching with many hues and patterns providing you with an elegant and chic look. Also known as Army green, this unique colour gives of that military vibe for both genders. It is an absolute star of the season with its earthy vibe serving a warm palette. This dusty, sun-warmed kind of green pairs seamlessly with tan, crisp whites, beige and rusty orange. So if you are wearing olive green trousers, pick a shirt in any of these colours to exhibit a perfect combination and look really modish.

Periwinkle blue: It is a lovely soft hue that complements almost all skin tones nicely. You can complement this colour with yellow or orange for a unique colour combination. The colour looks classy with the undertones of both purple and blue. Undoubtedly, periwinkle is one of the most buzzed-about colours of this season. The lovely colour enhances an amazing range of styles from bridesmaid gowns to midi dresses.

Pale yellow: The colour represents hope, joy and optimism. This colour makes you look cheerful. Yellow hued attires attract a lot of attention. It is actually the colour of spring which in always evergreen in this season. The brightness of this colour looks so elegant in spring that you want to wear yellow dresses every day in different styles and designs. Be it a sheath dress or a body con, every outfit in this colour tone is sure to be a head-turner.

Sunshine orange: Orange is a bright colour which works well with navy, black, creams and browns to create a chic look. It can be the perfect colour to add some flair to even the most casual of outfits. You can wear the colour in any fashion paired with blue denim jeans and sneakers or with a black leather skirt and high shoes. There are a lot of fab ways to wear this versatile colour with a combination of various hues. It actually looks so good with so many colours. Orange comes in all kinds of shades from very bright to more demure colours. Just pick the right one that suits your complexion best.

These are the most refreshing colours of this season. All are captivating. Pick hues that clearly suit to your skin tone and incorporate them into your style palette. Wear the colours correctly and ensure that your looks are flattering rather than a sight for sore eyes.