New Year’s Eve is on its way in and what better way to welcome 2020 than to host a party inviting all your near and dear ones at your home.

Here are a few tips that can save you a lot of time and effort while enjoying the New Year party at your own house. They will ensure a foolproof arrangement without sacrificing any of the fun and you will feel proud of yourself.

Clean up your house: The more serene your house is, the more serene your guests will feel. Clear out the extras. Knick-knacks, toys, stationery, extra photo frames, fridge door decorations, grocery lists should be moved to cupboards and drawers for the night. Clearing up is a part of the ambiance. Do another sweep through your bathroom. This is one private space that all your guests will have access to. So make sure it is pristine. Clear out your personal items and sweep the floor. Make your loo guest friendly with flowers, scented candles and clean hand towels.

Dress up your home: Make your home as special as you want the evening to be. It should look nicer than it does on normal days. You can try switching off the overhead lights and setting out lots of scented candles across mantels and down the centre of tables. You may add pops of colour with unfussy floral arrangements.

Stick with a menu, easy-to-cook foods: This is not the right time to test those high-effort recipes you clipped from cookery books. The party should be fun for everyone including you. Your party-day to-do list should be minimal so that you can mix and mingle with your guests. Do not cook something that you have never cooked before. Pick crowd-pleasing dishes which you can prepare in advance and finish before your guests arrive. Do not make anyone starve. Keep nuts, chips and cookies on the serving table as perfect small bites for your guests to nibble on while they wait for the food to be served.

Set up your bar and glassware ahead of time: Encourage everyone to help themselves rather than rushing to get each new guest a drink. You do not need to put out a lavish bar. Just arrange enough bottles of wine and beer cans according to the number of guests coming. Do not forget juices and soft drinks for those who do not drink alcohol. Arrange for plenty of glasses, ice cubes filled iceboxes and of course, a pitcher of water as your guests might be thirsty when they arrive.

Choose your playlist in advance: Play the music before your first guest arrives. Music makes your home feel inviting. It creates an instant atmosphere for any party. You only have to choose the right playlist. Pick individual songs before time that can make your New Year’s party even more fun. You can also download an app which will churn out a nonstop selection of fitting music and songs.

Think of creative ways to make your guests feel happier: Think outside the box with fun and creative ways to celebrate New Year Eve. Play games together to keep the party lively. You can also choose an exciting party theme.
Your New Year party would be lovely. Feel confident about it and be happier.

Happy New Year to all!