To make your home less gloomy in winter, invest in deeper coloured rugs, change cushions, blankets, bedding with soft and warm fabrics, suggest experts.

Interior Designer Punam Kalra and Reteish Sharma, Managing Director at Zynna, a manufacturer of window treatment, fabrics and drapery, have given a few ideas:

* Use deep colours to make the spaces feel warm and inviting. Sheer curtains could be dark coloured while main curtains should be heavy in look and feel. You can also add a fireplace with effective heating possible for those few days of chill — this can add a statement too in addition to being practical.

* Changing upholstery is one of the best options that a person can opt to bring in some warmth. Change cushions, blankets and bedding with soft and warm fabrics to give your home a cosy and warm look.

* As wallpaper adds colour, textures and offers drama, it is a great way to beat the blues. Blossom prints and patterns assure soft and comforting interior inspired by nature further giving an elegant and impressive look to the walls.

* Another way to spread shine around the home is to have metallic décor pieces as these pieces help to bounce the light and are instant mood uplifters. It will also help to create warmth along with a balance that adds texture, glamour and dimension.

* A simple way to bring fresh air inside your house is to place loads of indoor plants. The plants will help you in boosting your mood. Plants also help in improving the emotional well-being. They help you to reduce stress and enhance your concentration power.