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5 signs prove you are working in a toxic environment

It’s important to understand why “human-behaviour” is solely responsible for a languishing rather than a peaceful or productive workspace.

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Environments in all organisations, whether conglomerates or small enterprises, have the potential to become highly toxic. A potent negative influence can easily permeate all over the workplace space like a wildfire. It is pretty insidious and it becomes tough to identify which corner of the operations the dilemma is arising from and how to prevent such menace.

Vaibhav Datar a Midlife Coach states it all starts with “Human-behaviour” which holds outstanding significance; toxic human-behavior is also called “Loss of Human Touch.” If it is present in your environment, it can shift your barometers especially in the work culture where you tend to spend most of the time. People who bully, cheat, create drama, discrimination, favoritism, infighting, gossips, aggression, breed hatred, steal or are disrespectful common; but these elements prove to be hazardous for professionals who choose not to retaliate with malice or disagreement in fear of losing their job or their position. These become vulnerable and easy targets. This weighs down on the professional’s mental health.

It’s important to understand why “human-behaviour” is solely responsible for a languishing rather than a peaceful or productive workspace.

‘Cognitive dissonance’ creates havoc in human life it encourages a phenomenal shift in behavioral patterns due to certain misinterpretations. Human beings are creatures of various emotions, which shape realms of perception and also manifest internal insecurities. Cognitive dissonance arises when our internal ideology is under threat due to certain episodes; for instance, individuals become highly arrogant or uncomfortable with their “self-image” colliding with “perceived belief or inner reality”.

Datar talks about the various situations and hot to deal with them.

5 cognitive dissonance signs present in your environment that suggest your workplace is highly toxic:

Human Selfishness plagues every work environment. An individual who consistently exhibits selfish norms. This manifests by taking advantage of others.

People who rain on your parade when they feel envy or jealousy. This dragon stalls your improvement creating groups against another, negative gossips, sabotaging or even bullying a colleague.

The ‘Boss, but no Boss’ situation. Favouritism and nepotism leads to discrimination, favouring those with no leadership skills of and working against team building and team leading. Also notice if your boss exhibits exploitation behavior.

Turning a blind eye to sexual harassment like – flirting, inappropriate touch, sexual comments and jokes etc.

Disrespectful and rudeness by seniors to their subordinates.