‘Treat your style as a language’

‘Styling is not merely adapting to trends, but, is a way of expressing oneself.’

‘Treat your style as a language’

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Vajor — a women-centric brand that deals in clothing, footwear, bags, jewellery and other accessories has its own identity which is being sustainable in its approach. With every product, they narrate an untold story that consumer can relate. Shreyasi Pathak, stylist, Vajor.com, has been a part of the brand for the past two years.  Knowing and sharing its aesthetics and values since the time it started, the language of the brand has become like her mother tongue. She believes in empowering buyers by making their purchases more meaningful. Excerpts:

Q What’s your approach when you first start styling someone?

 To me, styling is not merely adapting to trends, but, is a way of expressing yourself in an individualistic manner. Your style, on the outside, should express who you are from the inside. Hence, when I am styling someone, I make it a point that I get to know that person. I try to understand their lifestyle, comfort zones and inhibitions. And this helps me in a way which is like a second skin to them. My job becomes way easier since the clothing is extremely versatile and body-friendly. And I utilise the accessories at Vajor to give people a bolder, more individualistic look without them having to feel there is too big a change happening.


Q Are there certain types of looks that photograph best?

Although there are various factors such as lighting, location, colour coordination, mood, etc, that need to be in sync to make any “look” look best, I would still like to state, from experience, that a look that is comfortable will make you feel confident. Hence, it will turn out to photograph the best. Even while experimenting, I would try with maybe colour, print, makeup or silhouette, but, I always make sure that the fit is comfortable. That way, there is nothing that a person would be so conscious about to lose their confidence. Aside from this, I am in love with the current tides of raw and real photographs. I feel proud when people embrace “imperfections” like freckles, stretch marks, grey hair, etc, and embrace them in a fierce manner. That is some progress in our industry I would say.

Q How do you like to use colour?

Colour sets the mood and emotion of the entire set-up. The background, props and temperature of lighting, together create the complete picture. Hence, I use colour to create the mood and that generally works by deciding what showcases the collection best. I have worked with both complementing and contrasting ones and yet to pick a favourite. Product styling aside, I would pick colours that represent their personality. Like at Vajor, we are all about earthy hues and prints which work really well with our “boho” style sense.

Q What’s your signature styling like and how would you describe your personal statement?

My signature style is subtle and statement. I don’t aim at grabbing all the (short-lived) attention with my styling. Rather I aim at creating something unforgettable. I am all about mixing prints and unusual colour combinations. There is no rule book as such. When I style a product/person, I work around their personality towards highlighting what’s important. My love for free-spirited, body-friendly silhouettes and my inclination towards earthy, muted colour tones found their own paradise here. Styling for the brand becomes mostly effortless since the taste matches so much. One thing that Vajor did gift me is, the love for prints! I was head-first into solids and today my wardrobe is spilling prints. One thing that all my favourite outfits have in common is big, bohemian earrings. You won’t find me without one ever.

Q What’s your philosophy on the high low-mix?

Popularised by off-duty supermodel and celebrity looks, high-low mix is a common phenomena. Although, my wardrobe mostly comprises of stand-alone pieces, I do delve into the trends now and then. My philosophy is to invest in statement pieces like a bag or a pair of denim, even a pair of heels for that matter and let them take the centre stage by teaming them with basics. However, I keep this practice to a bare minimum and invest in versatile, unique pieces instead. I believe less in fads and more in timeless fashion.

Q What styling tips would you give to a woman?

I have been a part of two projects with Vajor wherein we worked with various women around styling. They hailed from different professional backgrounds, age-groups and had a different body-type. My learning is what I would impart to anyone as style advice. Explore as much as possible to break the monotony, and more importantly to find what is most like “you”. Treat your style as a language and speak what you are through your outfits. Be individualistic instead of blindly following trends. Be body-positive, what you’re comfortable wearing is what you look and feel the most beautiful in.