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Tips on eye makeup for contact lens wearers

Show off your beautiful eyes with the perfect makeup.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Now you can see without glasses just by putting a piece of plastic onto the surface of your eyeball. Taking care of these micro petri saucers is very crucial to avoid minor irritation and frightening vision loss.

Ever wondered, why most people consider contact lenses the biggest obstacle to eye makeup. Actually you need to find the safest way to be able to embellish your eyes by wearing contacts. Contact lenses are a nice solution to get rid of glasses so that one can flaunt those soulful eyes. There are several tips you can follow while putting on eye makeup in a benign and easy way without harming your eyes and contact lenses by avoiding bacteria transfer to them.

Tips on how to apply eye makeup

Always thoroughly wash your hands and dry them with a lint-free towel before you touch your eyes or contact lenses. This way you’ll not only prevent your eyes from dirt and oil on your fingers but also dislodge your lenses from bacteria.

Wear your contacts before wearing your eye makeup.

To counteract any dryness while applying eye makeup, put eye drops in your eyes before putting your contacts in. While applying makeup, you have to keep your eyes open for long, causing dryness and irritation when you’re wearing contacts.

Use eyelid primer to keep your eye shadow and other eye makeup in place even if you’re in a hot or sweaty environment. Primer will provide a good prevention against makeup from getting on your contacts till you remove it.

Choose a water based creamy long-lasting formula with silky smooth pigments to softly define and enhance your eyes. Never use powder or oil-based shadows as they can cause irritation if get into your eyes.

Stick to use a pencil eyeliner on the outer line of your eyelids. This smudge-proof eyeliner gives a softer texture that glides effortlessly across lids to define your eyes well. Avoid using liquid or gel eyeliners. Also, don’t apply any kind of liner under your eye lashes, doing this will put the product right on the lens and close enough to get into your eyes.

Go for a hypoallergenic, oil-free and fragrance-free mascara to create the effect of fuller looking lashes with a flick of the wrist. Brush the mascara only halfway down the roots of your eyelashes and glide the brush lightly against your lashes without pumping the mascara to get more stuff on the brush. Never go for lash-extending or water-proof mascara. Eye lash dyes can cause serious and permanent eye injuries. So avoid using it every day and use the products approved by FDA only.

Consider switching to daily contact lenses if you wear eye makeup regularly. Talk to your ophthalmologist.

Replace your eye makeup every quarter even though it has long expiry date. It will help you avoid getting bacteria from the product into your eyes by recurrent use. Wash your makeup brushes once a week and let them air dry.

Clean your contact lenses daily with a cleaning solution, gently rubbing them with clean fingers. Never reuse the same solution as it stops being sterile after a use.

Never sleep with your contacts on. Your eye balls also need oxygen, let them breathe without any hurdle for some time. Also remove your makeup before sleeping. Take out your contact lenses first then clean or wash off your makeup. Otherwise, it will get on to your lenses and create irritation in your eyes.

About two-third of the contact lens population are women. You can see a good initiative by many cosmetic companies who create contact lens friendly cosmetics. These products are labelled as ‘ophthalmologist tested’. On your next shopping trip, check the labels and buy these products only as they are approved for contact lens wearers.

Nurture your self-confidence with your beautiful eyes, make it a habit to stare at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself,” I am beautiful”.