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Here are some of the top hair mask for the summer season

We all dream of tips or a hair mask that would help us manage these problems.

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Summer is here and for all of us, especially girls, the biggest problem is taking care of our hair from dust, sun, sweat, and sometimes dandruff too. We all dream of tips or a hair mask that would help us manage these problems.

So, my dear ladies and gentlemen too, now need not worry because we are here with some of the best hair masks for your hair which you can use this summer. All you need to do is read the articles till the end.

Top hair masks for the summer season

Hibiscus hair mask 

Hair follicles become inactive during the summer season which leads to excessive hair fall and many other problems. We bring to you a hair pack that can solve this misery in minutes. Hibiscus flowers are known to be a solution for weak roots.

Soak a few petals in a bowl. After a couple of hours, blend it with curd or coconut oil. Apply this mask on your locks for half an hour. Rinse it off well with water. It strengthens the roots and also makes hair smooth and silky.

Egg hair mask 

Summers are no wonder the season of cool water splashes and swimming. But with sun, sweat, salt and chlorine in the pool, summers can be extremely taxing to your hair. So, here comes the egg mask that can amazingly nourish your hair.

An egg has moisturising properties that repair the damage and is an accessible source of protein as well. Whisk one or two eggs (depends on your hair length) and cover up your entire hair with it. Use a shower cap to cover your head and leave the mask for twenty minutes. Wash it off thoroughly until the smell goes off. This simple-to-use hair mask will just work apt for your unruly hair.

Banana and honey hair mask 

Scorching rays make your scalp itchy, and scratching it not only causes discomfort and hair loss but also embarrassment in public. For that, you need an effective cure that can ease this problem. Go for a hair mask made of anti-biotic agents like honey and banana.

Bananas contain potassium, which strengthens the roots, and honey in this equation pulls moisture to the scalp, thereby preventing it from being dry and itchy. Just blend one banana with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Apply the paste to the hair, leave it on for 15-20 minutes at least. Rinse it well with cold water. The natural hair mask will work wonders for your scalp health.