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The ties that bind: Bend and mend

When you fall, the beauty of brokenness can heal you and make you stronger and even more beautiful.

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

Are you hurt? Are you suffering from a broken relationship? Are you troubled by conflicts and feuds in your working relationships or personal and family relationships?

Sometimes, somethings can turn a wonderful relationship into a beautiful disaster.

That’s exactly what happened to actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston years ago. Buzz is that Brad has now reportedly apologised to Jen for all the trouble he put her through during their married life and then leaving her for Angelina Jolie. Jen, who is now married to actor Justin Theroux, accepted Pitt’s apology, according to reports.

Like everything in this world, relationships too need to be tended with care. A small negligence can destroy a relationship. That one relationship which was once so wonderful and filled with love and happiness can become empty in no time. Hatred or indifference may replace the void. But this void can also be filled with goodness and beauty of brokenness.

Often great ties are broken owing to distances, differences, intolerance, misunderstanding or miscommunication, lack of understanding and empathy and several other factors.

When the brokenness drowns one in sorrow, deep depression and loneliness, it often leads to dark and fatal consequences. Some lose hold of their lives. Some come out stronger. For some, it is easy to get over it, while for others, the hurt and deep wounds remain for years.

Some have friends and families to turn to for advice or moral support. Some have no one. They cry alone. Some rush to a psychologist or a psychiatrist or open up to strangers or find an escape in some form or the other which could prove even more dangerous and detrimental than helpful.

Of course, there’s a solution to all pain and everything. Most solutions are simple but often unheeded.

One solution is the beauty of thoughts in a word or two. Words can work magic and put a spell on anything. That’s the wonder and beauty of it.

It bridges, mends, heals and build ties. Here it goes…

If there is one word that bridges a strained relationship between couples, children and parents and others, it is ‘SORRY’.

If there is one word, that mends a soured relationship, it is ‘FORGIVENESS’

It there is one word that builds a relationship, it is ‘LOVE’.

The act of accepting mistakes, forgiving and loving are the most important essence of a beautiful, long-lasting relationships. They make you bend, mend and build meaningful ties. Of course, other virtues such as trust and honesty counts as much. However, while honesty is a lonely word, trust may be testing.

Well, nobody’s perfect and no two people are the same. So have the mind to understand each other, accept each other’s flaws and the heart to forgive. And where love begets, it makes you apologise and there’s forgiveness. If there’s no forgiveness, you can’t move on.

To be or not to be, you have to move on in life and with joy and calm. This is made possible only with forgiveness.

When a relationship that you hold close to your heart dies, wait for the stirring of the bitter pool to die. Do not be broken forever. Bend a little, and let the beauty of brokenness heal you and make you stronger and even more beautiful.