With the onset of summer, comes the time to relish the seasons most loved fruit – the delightful Mango!

This summer, Mad Over Donuts introduces their ever popular & eagerly awaited array of Mango Donuts with a refreshing addition of Mango Smoothie. This pure mango delight is a part of their annual two-month, Mango Festival at Mad Over Donuts.

The mango donuts range includes the simply delicious Mango Twist with mango pulp and rich mango chocolate, Mango Tango that has lip-smacking mango butter cream with milk chocolate; and Mango Pulp Fiction that consists of rich white chocolate, along with a tangy mango pulp filling and mango chocolate shavings.

Priced at Rs. 65 and Rs.120 respectively, the donuts and the smoothies are perfect to savour your love for mangoes.