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Stylish ways to wear socks

Socks have their own personality and style statement.

IANS | New Delhi |

Socks have their own personality and style statement. They can be matched with not just different kinds of footwear, but also with various outfits, say experts.

Lubeina Shahpurwala and Cyrus Dastur tell you how:

* Maxi dresses and socks: Maxi dresses exemplify comfort. A nice long sombre dress matched with a pair of nude shoes and bright socks can be your balancing feature for the day.

* Socks and palazzo pants: Palazzos can be paired with anything and almost everything. Socks share similar feels. Coupling a dark coloured patterned palazzo with light pastel socks and shoes is a good idea.

* Sock with semi-formals: Formals no longer mean a three-piece suit. It is important for the attire to give out a professional vibe, and allow you to be comfortable. Because at most places, monotones are still considered to be formal, add a quirky pair of socks to give it a tinge of vibrancy.


* Socks and bridal wear: This combination of quirky customised socks with a wedding gown can actually break the monotone.

* Socks that clash: It’s fun to take a sock that clashes slightly — wearing pink socks with red shoes for instance, or the bright blues, which are sort of having a moment, are great matched with brown sandals.

* Glitter socks for summer: Absolutely perfect for warm summer days when you want to spice up your look. They are best worn with high heels.