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Show off your curves with these styling tips

Know how to flaunt your curves and perfect waistline with the right choice of style and fads.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

What style flatters a woman? A wrap dress or classic outfits can highlight her curves and make her feel comfortable and trendy at the same time. Some find comfort in dresses that hide the shape of the body. If you have a shapely body or a figure to die for, flaunt it in dresses that accentuate your small waistline and gorgeous body.

Dressing up a curvy body requires few things. Know which area of your body you should accentuate and which styles to go for.


Here is a guide for your body type. Dressing up is now easier than ever. The market is flooded with types of designs and sizes. Pick and choose the latest in trends.

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  • An off-shoulder fitting dress will highlight your small curve and take the attention to your bare shoulders, giving you a chic look with a difference.
  • Belted shirt dresses flatter your figure in no-frills style. It’s an easy way to draw attention to your sexy curves.
  • Tops with empire waist cinches at the narrow point under the bust line. The style emphasizes one of the narrowest points on any woman’s body.
  • Try small size cut-out dress to look curvier. The inward-pointing lines whittle your waist.
  • A form fitting mini skirt may create illusion of more proportionate curves.
  • One-shoulder ruffle top can make your top half look larger and your curves look shapelier.
  • A shift dress is a fool proof way to accentuate your curves.
  • Wide leg pants or ‘A’ line skirts with a belted waist is ultra-flattering for your bust. Boot-cut pants are slightly wider at the hem that counter balance a curvier bottom half and make the hips and thighs look balanced.
  • A curvy woman with large chest has a prominent appearance of a shortened waist or torso. By wearing anything that’s too high-waist makes the bust look larger than it is. Say no to such high-waist dresses.
  • A crop top and a pencil skirt is incredibly flattering on you accentuating your curves and smoothing up your thighs.
  • To flaunt your curves, try a wrap dress that’s gorgeous and can be worn comfortably.
  • A deeper V-neck classic sheath dress enhances a curvy girl’s natural assets. The tapered hem of the dress is a great way to add more appeal.

Hey curvy fashionistas! Embrace your curves and show off your waistline. Now that you have your silhouette figured out, shop for dresses that will bring out the best of your curves.