A vacation is something everyone aspires for, and works to afford and realise that. Tourism is an industry that thrives across the world riding on the back of these aspirational people. A survey was undertaken recently to see which people of which country travels most. And it was found that India is the most vacation-deprived nation.

Expedia, one of the most popular online travel agencies, has come out with the results of the 2018 Vacation Deprivation study, an annual survey of vacation habits across 19 countries.

The report highlighted that vacation deprivation was on the rise. According to the study, 75% of Indians feel vacation deprived, which is the highest in the world, followed by South Korea (72%) and Hong Kong (69%).

Also, Indian workers were found to not avail all holidays they are entitled to. And when it comes to leaving vacations unused, India ranks five after Japan, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

The study found that 41% of the Indians did not take a vacation in the last six months as they couldn’t get time off work.

Speaking about the annual survey, Manmeet Ahluwalia, marketing head of Expedia, said, “We have seen an increase in support from Indian employers to take vacations. However, employees still do not avail their full vacation days because of reasons like missing out on important work decisions (#1, 25%), fear of being seen less committed (#1, 19%) or finding it difficult to coordinate time with their travel companion (#1, 33%). Our study also reflect that 18% Indians feel that those who are successful at their job don’t take vacation days.”

The vacation deprivation report uncovers new attitudes and behaviours that drive vacation deprivation. Here are the detailed findings:

More than half of Delhi takes all its vacation (57%)  as compared to other cities

Delhiites however are still not satisfied as 13% voted for more than 31 days of additional vacation days while 79% of Delhiites are ready to take a cut in their salary if they get extra vacations.

If not holidaying, Delhiites are working!

  1. 43% of Delhiites do not utilise all their vacations because of work schedule as it does not allow for vacation or not enough staff to cover.
  2. 24% Delhiites fear that they will be seen as less committed/dedicated to their job if they take vacations

Not money but time is an issue for Delhiites

38% do not take vacations because of personal schedule

Delhi loves long vacations

a. Most of them prefer saving up time for long holidays (91%)

b. After coming back from long vacations they start loving themselves more, feel independent and more willing to try out new things

c. They feel interested in reconnecting with friends and family and become more receptive to opinions and perspectives that are different from them

While on Vacations

67% will tend to work during their vacations and majority of Delhiites will check their work email 3-4 times a day while on vacation (33%) which barely makes any difference in stress for them

45% Delhiites waste their vacation days to catch-up on bills, run errands, schedule appointments, get things done

88% will add on personal vacation days to a business / professional trip