The mention of gold jewellery typically conjures up the image of heavy bangles, traditional multi-layered necklaces or chunky earrings. But, this is where contemporary women are different. There is no doubt that even today, Indian women love their gold jewellery as much as they ever did. However, with their changing lifestyles and mindset, their approach towards jewellery has undergone a cultural transformation. This has been brought about by their fashion-oriented aspirations and change in perception towards gold.

The focus of millennial women today is on relishing what they possess, rather than keeping it all stashed away to be handed over to the next generation. The ‘flaunt it if you have it’ generation demands comfort, style and experiences that make for great ‘Instagram’ stories and photo-shoots. This is true of gold jewellery too. Traditionally, gold meant fortune, good luck, and prosperity. Cut to 2019, and it spells fashion, glam and wear-now! Women are inspired by fashion seasons, prominent designer showcases, Hollywood and Bollywood style. With celebs stepping up their style game in gold, it is but natural for women to follow suit. They realize that gold jewellery can now be paired to suit their western wardrobe in never-before ways and are willing to experiment too.

With a rise in their economic clout and independent lifestyles, modern women earn their gold more than they inherit it. That’s why they are keen to buy gold jewellery that fits with their modern outfits – be it LBDs or jumpsuits. For instance, a traditional gold choker worn with a floral summer dress will appear completely out of place. The trend is thus to buy minimalistic, fashionable and practical gold jewellery to go with the outfit, occasion or even the next holiday destination. Women also don’t want to be seen in something that was trending last season. Be it ruffles, fringes or neons, if it’s trending this Spring Summer, you’ll find it in women’s outfits and accessories. This need for wearing what’s trending now also translates into her choices in fine jewellery.

Gold jewellery has become an integral part of women’s daily wardrobe, and not reserved for special occasions. The availability of options such as rose gold and other combinations with different metals, enamel and precious stones makes gold less boring and more stylish. Unlike traditional gold jewellery, a lot of innovation and creativity is seen in the pieces available now. A more contemporary touch coupled with fluid and modular designs – some of which are also convertible or detachable – are emerging as the key trends.

Even during a traditional festival such as Akshaya Tritiya, modern women have started looking out for fine, lightweight, and trendy gold jewellery. With fine jewellery being seen in a new light, it is time to “un”bore gold this season with pieces that can become a part of your daily wear and lifestyle.


( Deepshikha Gupta, Senior VP – Design, Melorra )