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How to make winter delicacy Bajre ki Khichdi?

This bajra millet preparation will keep you warm during the cold season

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

It is that time of the year where you want to cuddle up with a blanket and sip a cup of hot tea. Try eating foods that can regulate your body temperature and keep you energetic. Winter is the best time to enjoy a hearty meal Bajre ki Khichdi. It will help you beat the winter chills and keep you active.

The key ingredient of this Khichdi is bajra which is a long-lasting source of energy that will keep you full for a longer time. Bajra is also a good source of iron and contains moderate amounts of calcium. When Bajra khichdi is consumed with crushed jaggery, it becomes enriched with iron and calcium. Here is the simple recipe to make bajra Khichdi at home which tastes delicious:

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 20-30 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


Bajra: 1 cup

Rice: ¼ cup

Split moong dal: 1/3 cup

Salt to taste

Water: 6 cups

Pure ghee: 3 tbsp


Wash split moong dal and rice. Soak them in plenty of water together for an hour. Wash bajra. Soak it in slightly hot water for five minutes. Drain the water and put the bajra in a sieve to allow the remaining water to seep. Cover the strainer and leave the bajra for an hour. After an hour, pulse the bajra five to six times gently in a mixer. Take it out on a cloth and rub it with your hands to remove the husk. Transfer it on a big plate and remove the husk by winnowing. Pulse the clean bajra again in the mixer for few seconds to turn it into a coarse powder. Bajra is now ready to cook. Transfer the crushed bajra, soaked dal and rice by draining their water into a pressure cooker. Add six cups of freshwater. Turn on flame. Give a boil on medium-low flame stirring all the ingredients continuously to avoid lumps. When a boil comes, add salt and give a good stir to mix it well. Cover the lid and give a whistle on high flame. Turn the flame low and simmer it for five minutes. After five minutes, turn off the flame and let the pressure of the cooker release on its own. Open the lid. If you find the consistency thick, add little hot water as required and stir it continuously on medium-low flame until the water gets absorbed. Add ghee and mix well. Serve hot.

Tips to make delicious Bajre ki Khichdi:

Whole bajra is never added to Bajre ki Khichdi. The outer husk has to be removed because it has a bitter taste and it takes too long to cook and digest. So the whole bajra is first washed thoroughly and then soaked in hot water for five minutes. Then it is crushed in a mixer by gently pulsing it a few times and then the husk is removed by winnowing. After removing the husk, pulse the bajra a few more times to make it slightly coarse.

The addition of rice is optional. However, it is better to add rice to give the khichdi a nice creamy consistency.

Green split moong dal/ yellow moong dal/ moth dal or chana dal can be added to Bajre ki Khichdi. Although the choice of lentil and its proportion is yours, the khichdi tastes best when split green moong dal is added to it in one-third of its quantity.

Add pure ghee generously to enhance the taste.

You can add seasonal vegetables to this khichdi to make it more nutritious and interesting. However, it tastes best when it is made plain without adding any vegetables.

You can eat it either plain adding pure ghee or with ghee and crushed jaggery or besan-Dahi ki khatti kadhi.

Our body needs additional warmth and energy during the winter season and millet helps in keeping our system warm and robust. So go ahead and enjoy a meal of bajra khichdi. It is high on protein and fibre and also good for diabetics. This pearl millet simple preparation helps in detoxifying body, digestion, preventing asthma, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Try including it in your regular winter diet.