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Inculcate good qualities in your child

Sow the right seeds in your child for bearing the best results.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |


To make a child a good human being is not at all an easy task for the parents. You may be telling your kids tales of great personalities, but, for them, parents remain the biggest role models. So, it becomes your responsibility to be right and just in your actions before your kids. There is no certain age at which you should start teaching them good lessons of life. The process can start as early as your kid turns three. Though inculcating good habits plays the most important role in this endeavour, but there are many more tasks you have to perform to achieve success in your mission.

Practice the traits yourself first

Actions always speak louder than words. Whatever changes you want to bring in your kid, start with yourself first. Children always learn more by seeing live examples than teachings and readings. Don’t indulge yourself in bad habits. It may be arguing, short temperedness, impatience, smoking, breaking the laws and many more. Show respect to your spouse and other family members. Children are innocent. They always follow your pattern and feel that their parents are never wrong. This faith starts shaping up their lives.

Teach your child moral values

These include feeling of sacrifice, love for young ones, respect for elders, discipline, co-operation, kindness for others and last, but not the least, appreciation for god. In today’s urban life, the concept of nuclear family has emerged stridently. So, kids do not get bountiful opportunities to play with other kids in the family and interact with the elders in the house.

Try to make them spend some quality time with their grandparents to nurture the feeling of love, respect, care and discipline naturally. Encourage them to go out and play with other children. Don’t intervene in every disagreement that occurs with other children. It will make them independent and they could take better decisions in future learning from these small experiences of life.

Teach them common courtesies. He must know the significance of two words,’ thank you and sorry’. Using these words define your child’s nature and help in making a good human being.

They should have a feeling of care and help for others. It is always good to stop thinking about our worries for few moments and extend our hand to help the needy in the best possible way. Teach them to be grateful to Almighty for what they have got and stop worrying about what they don’t have. This approach will pay them in future.

Make your child nature-friendly

In school life, it becomes difficult for kids to go for nature walk every day. But parents should do their best to bring their kids closer to mother nature. They can attain the qualities such as calmness, humanity, gentleness, forgiveness and sacrifice by being more close to nature. You can take your child for a nature walk on weekends and to a beach or a mountain in vacations.

Teach them the importance of hygiene early

The small your kid is, the easier it is to make him hygiene conscious. Educating them with small hygiene tips will pay you as well as them in future like brushing teeth twice a day, having a bath dailyy and wearing clean washed clothes, washing hands before and after every meal.

Make your child health aware

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A healthy and fit child can face the challenges of life better. Inculcate the habit of exercise in your child at a very early age. A fixed schedule of structured exercise seems boring to kids. So, it can be something different from their own taste like cycling, playing outdoor games, swimming etc. Also make them friendly with healthy, nutritious food. Keep them away from junk and oily food, street food and sodas. The food you eat has a direct impact on your thought process and approach. So, make your child habitual of eating healthy.

Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities of their own interest

Never impose your interests on your child. Let your child decide his or her own interests besides studies. It should be a stress buster for them rather than a saddle. This leisure time activity plays a magnificent role in a child’s positive psychological growth.

Develop reading habit

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It is one of the best habits you can inculcate in your child since their childhood. The more read a person is, the more confidence he possesses. Steady reading is one of the best investment for future. It will help your child to build holistic approach. Reading will increase their probability to excel in life on a different scale.

Make them learn to socialise

Help your child to socialise in your presence as well as in your absence. It is not possible that you are always present with your child, sometimes allow them to explore the world on their own and socialise. It will make them smart, confident and independent. Yes, of course, it is indispensable to keep a check on their social engagements.

Today’s generation is tomorrow’s future. Make them learn to live each day in its best way to the fullest. Worry less and live more being a good human should be the motto of every person.