The scariest day in the world, Halloween, is over but fear persist. Fear of the unknown is natural. It is more common among people suffering from anxiety disorders, say scientists. And anxiety is a common problem suffered by all age groups, from young to old.

Anxiety disorder is common among people in urban areas, living under stress. And there are different types of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and other fear-based disorders.

But, how do we overcome fear or anxiety? What is the treatment for anxiety disorders.

Scientists suggest targeting common underlying characteristics of different types of anxieties for effective treatment of anxiety.

“A treatment, or set of treatments, focused on sensitivity to uncertain threat could result in a more impactful and efficient way of treating a variety of anxiety disorders and symptoms,” said Stephanie Gorka, assistant professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, as quoted in a study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

Some are more sensitive to uncertain threat and the fear of something bad looming over the day could be quite a disturbing factor for them.

Uncertain threat is “what we call anticipatory anxiety. It could be something like not knowing exactly when your doctor will call with test results,” Gorka said.

As researchers continue to study the fear psychosis and the treatment for it, one needs to bust the stress and be in a peaceful frame of mind to rid of all anxieties. While it may be easier said than done, staying positive helps. Think positive and talk positive. Positive thinking is all you need to let the peaceful, easy feeling sink in. And a peaceful frame of mind will surely ease away all your anxieties.