Wear your hair up or braid it well to look chic and to protect your hair when you enjoy the festival of colours — Holi on Friday.

Here are five recommended hairstyles for women this Holi by a VLCC hair expert:

* Standard braids: It is the best hairstyle to protect your hair. Divide the hair into three equal parts. Cross the right part over the middle part and then left part over it. Do this process until the braid is done. 

* High ponytail: Quick and easy to do, this style can look super sleek.

* Low ponytail: Works well for curly or wavy hair. The idea is to tie the low ponytail around the nape with bobby pins. Colourful elastic bands can be used too.

* Multi-braid ponytail: It may look tough to do, but it really isn’t. The procedure involves splitting the hair into two equal parts then again divide nine equal parts. From these, build three individual braids and then these make one braid. Apply the same process on the other side. 

* Knotted bun updo: A bun adds a refined elegance and will protect your hair. Make it sleek or messy, the bun works for all occasions.