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Get gorgeous: Firm up your neck

You need to spend some time every day to keep your neck looking young and taut.

Threety Irani & Nilufer Babaycon | New Delhi |

Q I travel to work by bus every day and now during the monsoon my hair gets wet because of the rain. Assuming this is clean water, can I just go home and blow-dry it or do I have to wash it. Please advise. Sujata Singh, Kolkata

You are under a misconception if you think rain water is clean. The atmosphere is polluted and as the rain comes down it brings with it pollution. It is essential to shampoo your hair as soon as possible when you get home because the pollution will damage your hair. After you have shampooed and rinsed your hair, tie a towel around your head in turban style and leave it on till your hair is halfway dry. Now comb through with a wide tooth comb very gently to make sure that you do not break the hair shafts as these tend to get fragile when wet. Next, apply a blob of conditioner or serum on the palm of one hand and then gently rub both palms together to evenly distribute it. Apply on the hair, leaving about two inches odd space between your scalp and where the conditioner starts. Then let your hair dry naturally if you have the time to do so.

Q There are two questions I want to ask you. First, I am nearing 50 years and my throat/neck is beginning to show signs of ageing. It is worrying me a lot. What do I to about it? Second, I have to go out some days quite suddenly in the evenings for a party or gathering and I look so tired after working all day. Please tell me what I can use to make it shine as I do not have too much time. Debismita M, Kolkata

You need to spend some time every day to keep your throat looking young and taut. Massage the area with a firming cream for about five minutes. If it gets absorbed, then let it be, but behind, remove this with water. Next, apply the following pack: mix two tablespoons of Fullers earth, two teaspoons of chopped mint leaves, half a teaspoon of olive oil, and enough curd to make a paste. Apply on the throat, leave for about half an hour, wipe it off and then rinse the area well with water. Follow this with an application of a moisturiser. To bring a quick glow to your skin, make a mixture of brown or white sugar, honey and any vegetable oil you have at home, and scrub your face and neck with it. Rinse with warm water and see what a difference it makes.

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