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Diet and cleansing regime are key to healthy and glowing skin

The importance of nutrition is paramount, since we know the skin is nourished from the inside and an incorrect diet reflects on the external appearance, on the skin, as well as on the hair and nails.

Rabbi Calra | New Delhi |


Healthy Skin: A glowing, smooth and healthy-looking skin is every one’s dream. The entire beauty industry thrives on this very idea, but nothing works better than resorting to a good diet and consistent skin-care regime.

The Statesman explored further with Dr. Nitika Nijhara, Consultant Dermatologist, BLK-Max multi-specialty hospital, New Delhi, in a candid chat, about the factors that impact the skin; A self-help skincare regime and a healthy diet are the key factors.

How is a healthy skin identified?

A smooth, glowing face that’s never seen a pimple in its life might be the common goal of every skin regime, however, it is not the only benchmark. Healthy skin should feel comfortable and hydrated. It means skin should have an even complexion and texture. It’s not about being free from pores or being flawless.

What is the role of diet in skincare?

The importance of nutrition is paramount, since we know the skin is nourished from the inside and an incorrect diet reflects on the external appearance, on the skin, as well as on the hair and nails. For firm skin we need collagen and elastin and should consume proteins such as chickpeas, eggs, lean meat etc. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant and helps with preventing early wrinkling. For skin hydration, one should consume vitamin A and beta carotene rich foods such as carrots, yellow and green vegetables, and whole milk. Finally, vitamin E fights free radicals, which cause the ageing process of cells and skin. Therefore, it has an anti-aging power. Foods rich in vitamin E are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds and walnuts.

How are pimples caused and how to keep them at bay?

Pimples/acne are caused by overactive oil glands in the skin and a build-up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria, which leads to inflammation(swelling and redness) in the pores. One can keep pimples at bay by washing the face regularly with a foaming cleanser, look for skincare products that are non-comedogenic, which means that they don’t clog pores. We should focus on using gel/water based skin products and also avoid scrubbing the face.

What is the role of the CTMP regime in skincare?

The CTMP regime has been popularly known as cleansing, toning, moisturising and protecting. I recommend the CMP (cleansing, moisturising and protecting) regime. It involves cleansing with a cleanser based on your skin-type, followed by moisturiser. Last step to skincare routine is protection with sunscreen. The importance of this regime lies in keeping the skin’s PH in check, replenishing moisture and delaying visible signs of ageing.

How to maintain healthy skin during old age?

The ageing process may be inevitable but adding some preventive measures to your skin care routine can boost your skin health throughout your life. In old age we should focus on using a gentle, non-irritating cleanser and using a moisturiser with high viscosity as skin tends to get dry. Sunscreen is of utmost importance at any age and retinol and vitamin C boosts skin’s elasticity in old age.

Common make-up mistakes that harm the skin

There are many makeup mistakes that damage the skin. Firstly, not understanding your skin-type and not choosing the products accordingly. For example, an acne prone oily skin person should use gel-based products. Sleeping while wearing makeup or wiping it with face-wipes is a sin. Another mistake which people make is not regularly washing their makeup tools (brush/sponge blender, etc.) which tends to result in infection. In makeup routines, we usually underestimate the importance of moisturising and using a sunscreen.