Winter is a season of colourful and healthy vegetables. The vegetables that guarantee nutrition and taste without inducing any guilt. Use them in hearty soups and salads, delightful snacks and starters, in curries and sweet dishes.

Make the most of the winter harvest with this perfect nutrients packed seasonal root vegetable. They come in different shades of red and orange.  Different shades of carrots are loaded with different amounts of antioxidants.

Do quality home cooking, keeping in mind their health benefits. They are good for the eyes, the skin and more. They are effective in fighting free radicals and even prevent cancer and other life threatening disease as daily intake of it improves the immune system. Experts say that eating dark orange and yellow carrots reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases.

When you go out to buy carrots, remember to pick organic carrots which are firm, bright and have smooth surface.

According to studies, the darker the orange colour, the more beta carotene it contains. Don’t buy branched, split or wilted carrots. Their colour should be bright from top to the bottom tip. A blackish end of the root is a sign of the vegetable aging.

To keep them fresh for longer time, store them in the coldest part of the fridge in a plastic pouch or a moist paper wrapper. Cut off the green tops before storing as it pulls moisture from the roots and leads to untimely withering.  

While cooking it, make it quick. Quick steaming, quick boiling, quick saute, and other cooking methods with minimal heat exposure and minimal cooking time is the healthiest way to cook carrots.

Add carrot in your daily diet and stay healthy.