Mexican cuisine in India is riddled with myths; not every dish is spicy and hot. They say in Mexico that the fieriness of the chillies in the dish depends on the temperament and mood of the chef.

The Mexican cuisine has handpicked dishes which can be described as authentic and full of flavours.

Chef Alondra Maldonado and Chef Marco Valdivia from Mexico, along with a team of culinary experts led by Executive Chef Arun Sundararaj, showcased the flavours of a cuisine which is as rich as its origin at Machan, Taj Mahal Hotel, as part of a culinary festival which will continue till 22 September.

The team curates an array of cuisines.

Bean Tarsca soup, Cheese Moltes


The meal begins with the mouth-watering Bean Tarsca soup, which is prepared with beans, corns and chillies.

Then comes cheese molotes with yellow mole sauce. It is basically a cheese-stuffed ball served with mole sauce which is a perfect starter.

Bean and avocado sope, Chile pasilla


Bean and avocado sope is like a fried Indian aloo tikki but stuffed with beans and avocado.

The main cuisine is Chile pasilla, stuffed with vegetables with tomato sauce. It is perhaps the only dish that Mexicans and Indians can debate on whether it is spicy or hot.

To complement the cuisine, we had Frozen cucumber margarita and Horchata as drinks.

And then comes the favourite part of the cuisine — desserts.

Mestizo Timbale, Capirotada


Capirotada and Mestizo timbale are two of the famous Mexican desserts. Capirotada is a traditional dish made during the Holy Week season. It is made with layers of bread, almonds, raisins and cheese.

Mestizo Timbale is a very simple dessert made with Requeson, which is cheese caramelised with pumpkin.

Foodies, it’s time to indulge in Mexican culinary festival and try some innovative cuisines!