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A pint for body and mind

Tired from work? A pint of beer is a good option to unwind and ease the mind and body.

SNS | New Delhi |

A freshly-brewed pint of crisp lager after a hard day’s work or a pitcher of stout at a pub with friends can cheer up one’s spirit, come shine, rain or cold. Well, beer is a versatile and much-loved drink that can be paired with any cuisine at any occasion.
Some of the benefits of drinking beer as scientifically proven, according to several studies, are:
Drinking beer soothes your body as it contains Vitamin B, minerals and potassium that helps destress the body and mind.
Drinking a glass or mug of beer daily can ease the risk of coronary heart disease and prevent heart attack.  The high presence of vitamins B6 in beer makes the blood less likely to clot.
Moderate intake of beer couple with regular exercise and Mediterranean food can help fight type2 diabetes.
The anti-bacterial effect of beer can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and gastric cancer.
A litre of beer is said to contain an average 20 per cent of the recommended daily fibre requirements for the body. Hence, it helps bowel movement and digestion.
Drinking beer rehydrate the body, quenches thirst and help regain lost calories.
A mug of beer daily may help prevent Alzheimer’s and other brain-related diseases. Vitamins and minerals content in beer guard the brain cells from oxidative damage.
Beer intake is also said to strengthen the bones owing to the presence of high silicon content. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
Drinking beer in moderate quantity can cut the risk of kidney stones. It slows down the release of calcium from the bones. It also has a high water content which helps clear out the kidneys.
Despite its many health benefits, take care of the amount of beer you drink. Everything in moderation is the best. High consumption can lead to addiction, weight issues and other health problems.