The wait is over for football fans across the world. The 2018 FIFA World Cup is less than 24 hours away from the kick-off. If you are football crazy and want to enjoy your adrenaline-fuelled 90 minutes in style and surrounded with the likes of you, here are some options you may want to try out.

The NCR has a host of eateries and bars that are waiting to serve football fans, having a prepared special menu and offers for them. There are special deals up for grabs. It’s time to hit the table.


Junkyard Cafe


The cafe interiors are made out of recycled and junk material with an explosion of colours and art.  Junkyard has offers for all the football lovers.

Here are some of them.

  • Order 2 starters & get a beer bucket of 6 beers @ just Rs. 420
  • Order 3 starters & get a beer bucket of 8 beers @ just Rs. 480
  • Order 4 starters & get a beer bucket of 10 beers @just Rs. 500


SMAAASH (Gurgaon Pub Exchange)


Gurgaon Pub Exchange is a well-known place for playing arcade games, bowling and indoor cricket. It is basically a merger of foodies and sports freak.

Here are the offers:

  • Flat 15% discount on food bill during the match.
  • Buy any IMFL bottle (not beer) and get one pizza and one starter free from the menu during match time.


SMAAASH (Noida Pub Exchange)

The newly opened bar in Noida and has been offering a variety of food items.

Here are the offers:

  • Buy any IMFL bottle (not beer) and get one starter free from the menu during match time.





After Stories is located behind the IFFCO Metro station and promises a pleasing, satisfying after-story to your experience long after you have walked out.

Here are the offers:

  • Combo- Pizza + Choice of Beer Pitcher

Ø  Peppy Portugal

Ø  German Magic

Ø  Belgium Rush

Ø  French Connection

Ø  Argentinian Ooze

Ø  Brazilian Treat

Price starting from ₹499



Beer Cafe


The Beer Café is coming up with a whole new concept for you to enjoy the World Cup matches with your squad. The campaign is named ‘BET MY TAP’ which will be available on both on its app and in the store.


The customer can log on to the app and play the game – bet my tap. Below are the steps:

  • Before every match – we will send a notification to customers to log on and bet to win brew miles/free beer. (Refer jpeg – app flow – SCREEN 1)
  • The customer logs on to the app
  • Click on the icon – bet my tap
  • He can see the list of matches lined up on that day along with details like start time etc. (Refer jpeg – app flow – SCREEN 2)
  • If the customer bets before the match start – he gets 50 brewmiles.
  • He can choose which match he wishes to bet on.
  • After he chooses the match, he has to bet on three questions: (Refer jpeg – app flow – SCREEN 3)

o   Which team will win

o   Total goals scored in the match

o   Player of the match

  • The bet will freeze after 30 minutes of the match and cannot be changed.
  • The app server will randomly pick winners after the match is over – those who have given all 3 correct answers.
  • The winners will be rewarded with free beer in their URBAR.


If the customer is sitting in the store, below are the details:

  • Any customer can bet by filling up a form available on request from our brew crew. (refer jpeg – form)
  • He has to answer 2 questions:

o   Which team will win

o   Total goals scored in the match

  • He has to submit the form to the crew within 30 minutes of the match starting.
  • 1 person can fill 1 form only – fully filled form with ALL details like name, phone no etc. will be accepted, else it won’t be eligible.
  • Betting once decided, cannot be changed.
  • After the match is over if the customer has all correct answers – gets a free beer mug