When Victoria Secret’s model Sabrina Jales St. Pierre woke up one morning in her hotel room in California, she had itchy rashes and bite marks all over her body.

The incident had taken place back in 2016 at the Palm Desert Embassy Suites hotel in California.  Sabrina Jales, however, sued the hotel earlier this month. She was bitten by bed bugs during her stay and the bites affected her ability to book modelling jobs, she said in her complaint.

According to People’s magazine, the model’s lawyer said the incident had affected her ability to model and left her with an indelible psychological trauma. The lawyer also added that “It really was a traumatic experience for her physically and emotionally.” An image was shared on social media of her with large red welts on her shoulders, arm and back.

She blames the hotel for not properly fumigating. The hotel is, however, contesting the claim, according to a report in Travel and Leisure. Hotel general manager Carlos Mendoza said, “Sabrina’s room was inspected for bed bugs on the day of check-in and none were found.” He also said the hotel had called a pest control team to perform an investigation and there was still no evidence of bed bugs.

Other than modelling for Victoria Secret, Sabrina Jales has been modelling for elite brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Versace.