The “Celebrity Big Brother” presenter Emma Willis says she never borrow clothes from designers.

Willis doesn’t mind the fact she isn’t on an approved list of stars that most fashion houses are willing to loan their garments to but if she ever did get the chance, she would always give the dress back, reports

"I don’t borrow clothes from designers. I ask but lots of people have a very specific list of who they’ll lend to – and I’m not on the list,” she told Closer magazine.

"It’s OK. I get it. I borrowed a dress for the BAFTAs once, but I wasn’t reluctant to hand it back. I could never live with myself if I nicked a dress,” she added.

The 39-year-old, who has daughter Isabelle, five, and son Ace, three, with husband Matt Willis, is a particular fan of former Spice Girls star Victoria Beckham’s eponymous fashion line.

"I heart Victoria Beckham. If someone created a wardrobe just for me, it would be everything in her shop. It’s like she knows me! I’ve been in her London store and we’ve used her pieces on shows before,” she said.