Daughters’ Day 2018 | Gift ideas for your darling princess

The Daughter’s Day would be celebrated on September 23 this year and is just the perfect day to indulge and pamper your daughters.

Daughters’ Day 2018 | Gift ideas for your darling princess

Daughters' Day (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Daughters hold special places in the hearts of their parents who can go to any length to make their adorable progeny feel like a princess and special in every possible way.

Even though it is an ongoing process but sometimes doing an extra bit for the apples of their eyes will make them feel extraordinary, and what better occasion than Daughter’s Day.

The Daughter’s Day would be celebrated on September 23 this year and is just the perfect day to indulge and pamper your daughters.


The caring and loving daughters too deserve a token of appreciation for all the services they put in for their parents all year long. So take some time out from your busy schedule and buy goodies for your precious beloved daughter.

Sharing with you a few unique ideas that will make the day a memorable one for your little girl as well as you.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes


No matter how beautiful your outfit is, you can always make your footwear complement it flawlessly with Lazy Jojo customize canvas shoes. They have the perfect amalgamation of colours, design, and patterns.


Beer Bahadur restaurant


Take your daughter out for a lunch or dinner treat and spend some quality time with her. And what better place than the Beer Bahadur restaurant in Ambiance Mall! With aesthetic and enchanting ambience and interactive décor items, you can be assured of having a gala time with your daughter.



Pamper your daughter, bags which is their every day need. And carrying a bag is not only an object of necessity but it’s more of a style statement. PaulAdams came up with the new collection, so pamper your daughters today and surprise them. 


NeoVeda Spa


This Daughter’s Day treat your daughter with skin soothing and muscle relaxing Spa treatments especially curated for a relaxed journey of mind, body, and soul at NeoVeda Spa, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa.

Make-up essentials

Oriflame Products


Girls love makeup and pampering her with a make-up kit is the best idea. Oriflame launched its new range and we have listed some easy go make-up tools which they can carry easily. The products from Oriflame are The ONE No Compromise Mascara, Giordani Gold Iconic Elixir Lipstick, The ONE Gel Eye Liner Pencil, The ONE BB Cream SPF 30, and The One IlluSkin Blush.

Foodie daughter

Mousse Affair


Pamper your daughter with delicious Mousse from Zing GourMET Shop and indulge in flavours like strawberry heart, tiramisu cheesecake, dark cherry dome, orange mousse pastry, meetha paan, pumpkin & jiggery.



This Daughter’s Day, make the memories with your daughter with handpicked outfits, featuring a new collection from W, BIBA and Aurelia.

Deodorants Set



Secret Temptation has recently launched a new variant named Desire which has an amazing fragrance, so grab it now.

Let her indulge herself with a gift voucher from GyFTR

Gift Voucher


If you are confused about what to choose for your super picky daughter whose tastes confuse the living daylights out of you, then you can choose to give her a gift voucher from GyFTR which will allow her to redeem the voucher for whatever product she likes from her favourite brands.