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Cocktail, gourmet blends that one must try

Food and alcohol pairings classically happen in two scenarios – to complement one another or to draw a contrast.

IANS | New Delhi |

Food and alcohol pairings classically happen in two scenarios – to complement one another or to draw a contrast. In both cases, the person enjoying the meal gets the best of both worlds in a sip and a bite so make sure you are blending the two in the right way.

Both, gourmet food and Scotch whiskey, have one thing in common – they’re made with extreme care and detailing. Whiskey has been a congenial companion to food owing to the ranging variety in both flavours and age. In case of Scotch, it has a varying level of peaty smokiness to contend with, thereby making a strong, versatile ingredient to pair fresh gourmet food with.

Vita Vladamirski, mixologist and former brand ambassador of Dewar’s, Sadeev Pasricha, Head Chef of the Spanish Tapas bar and restaurant, Bohca, list some of the most delectable scotch whiskey pairings and infusions to try this year-

* The classic scotch egg: Deep-fried and crispy little bombs made from awesome ingredients like bacon, potatoes, green onions, cheddar, and jalapeños, make tasty companions with a Penicillin at every brunch

* Roasted Pumpkin Mille Feuillet with Scotch Maple Gel: The roasted pumpkin gives you a smoky flavour that beautifully pairs with the scotch maple gel which adds to the notes of the dish. The whole amalgamation of taste uplifts the experience

* Grilled Tenderloin Steak – Whiskey Sour pairs up with a grilled tenderloin steak as whiskey sour has notes of cinnamon and citrus

* Braised Pork Belly with Dewar’s 18 years : The notes of vanilla and honey in the Dewar’s 18 years compliments well with the sweet notes of the braised pork and helps cut through the fattiness of the dish

* Sous vide chicken breast with a bourbon glaze: The sweet notes from the shallots not only gives it an additional zing but also gives a body to the glaze which pairs wonderfully well with the crisp skin and brings out the best flavours of the meat

* Slow cooked chocolate with confit orange and scotch caramel: Dark chocolate pairs up extremely well with a scotch caramel as it defines the characteristics of chocolate even better. The spirit helps to cut the creaminess from the chocolate and the confit orange provide a different note to the entire dish.