Celebration of selfless bond on National Best Friends Day

International Friendship Day, International Friendship Day 2020

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Today is National Best Friends Day which is celebrated world wide. Best friends are much-needed part of everyone’s life, whether friends are near or away they always understand you and be your partners forever. To celebrate the bond between best friends this day is celebrated.

June 8 is marked as National Best Friends Day in the United States and Canada but now because of globalization it has become popular everywhere as this day is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with those who are always there to catch us when we fall.

Although the first Sunday of August was selected as a National Friendship Day but after a hearing in the US Congress in 1935, on June 8 National Best Friends Day came to existence. This day is not much known by people, the day has earned it’s place in recent times because of social media.


How to celebrate this day

Go on a special lunch date with your best friend and spend time with them.

Watch your favourite film which reminds you a special moment spent with your family.

Get a beautiful gift for your friend which have some significance.

Have a party with your gang and celebrate the day playing games, listening music, and having favourite food.