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Winter tips for beautiful lips

 Prevent your lips from chapping with some beauty tips and give it the desired soft and pretty look.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Come winter, and your lips start chapping. Dry and cracked lips when neglected can not only mess up your otherwise gorgeous look but hurt too. Like the skin, the lips too tend to become dry in the cold and needs regular moistening and gentle care. There are few must dos to prevent your lips from chapping and to maintain that pretty lips of yours with lip colour that stays intact the whole day.

Drink plenty of water to keep them moistened, soft and supple.

Apply quality lip balm rich in vitamin E before going to bed every night or frequently through the day. Coco butter or almond oil mixed with butter can treat dry and chapped lips.

Follow few steps to make your lip colour stay longer.

Exfoliate your lips with extra virgin olive oil with a pinch of sugar in it. Rub the oil on your lips tenderly. It is an effective lip cleanser and scrubber to rid of dry and dead skin from the lip surface.

Apply a non-oily moisturising lip balm on the base of the lip area.

Blot the lips with a tissue paper to suck extra oil of the balm.

Put a light concealer on to generate a seamless base for your lip colour to stay long with its real hue.

Outline the lips with a sharpened lip liner with shade that blends with your lipstick in reverse direction.

Fill your lip space with it before applying lipstick.

Always use the finest quality lipstick with a fine brush.

Open your lips slightly and fuse a thick layer of the same lipstick onto the lips and in the inner corners.

Place a thin tissue paper over your lips and matt down your lip colour by pressing powder to go through to the lips and set your lip colour in place.

Spread on the last coat on your lips to give the final glossy veneer.

These steps will help prevent your lips from chapping and give you the desired soft and gorgeous looking lips.