Greying of hair is a part of ageing, but some people suffer from premature greying of hair. Greying of hair can make one look older. All want to look most youthful and fresh forever. There are many cosmetic solutions to the problem, such as applying makeup or dying your hair to look young and attractive. While trying to dye your hair, you may mess up everything. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before and after dying your hair at home.

Identify your natural hair colour. Choose your desired shade that matches your natural hair tone. The right hair colour may transform your looks. The colour should not be two-three shades lighter or darker than your natural colour.

A hair stylist may help you determine your hair colour. If you desire to have a tint much lighter or darker than what’s natural, try on a wig of your desired colour. You may also do a strand test to make sure that the shade complements your looks.

It’s always better to buy extra colour boxes than you would require to cover all the grey parts of your hair. It will cover the risk of running short half way through. Get all the tools ready before beginning any colour job like paint brush, bowl, clips, stirrer, rattail, comb and towel. Try to dye your hair in natural light ensuring that someone is there to help you out. This way you’ll not miss a single grey spot on your head.

However, it must be noted that different formulas work on different kinds of hair. For example, for thick and curly hair, gel or liquid formulas go well. Foam dyes are good for people with sensitive skin. The mousse-like formulas won’t drip on to face or forehead. Hair dyes are always darker in colour when applied than the shade on the pack. Buy a tone lighter than your desired colour. You may always intensify the colour but toning it down is almost not possible. Don’t go for swimming two weeks before and after dying your hair. Chlorine strips away the hair cuticle allowing the pool water to get into the hair shaft. It may weaken the hair and lead to roughness and breakage.

Coat your hair line, ears and neck with vaseline before applying hair dye. Due to the vaseline coating the colour of dye will get washed off from the skin easily. Put on gloves before starting the process to protect your hands. If you catch a glimpse of grey on your hair in the mirror and, don't lose heart. Now, dye your hair without any worries and look younger.