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Get acne-free skin the easy way

Prevent the causes of pimples and acne and have a flawless skin through the years.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Trouble spots such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc, particularly on the face, can affect the way you look and dent your confidence. It is a common problem in the age group between 13 and 30 years, and the problem can have a damaging effect on the person physically, emotionally and mentally. However, preventive steps and proper treatment can help to a great extent.

Acne may affect the face, neck, chest and back. No need to get disappointed. They are usually treatable. If not treated well, they may last for years. Bit it is always better to treat the causes rather than treating the problem. So, no the causes and prevent the problem.

Major causes of acne:

Puberty: Hormonal changes in teenage stimulate sebaceous glands, leading to more greasy skin. It causes acne.

Plugs: The plugs that block the top layer of the pores causes blackheads and whiteheads.

Bacterium: The development of a large number of germ (bacterium) in the trapped sebum.

Polycystic ovary syndrome: It triggers the formation of oil triggering male hormone that causes acne.

Now that you know and understand the causes, you can easily prevent the problem.

You can’t avoid air pollution living in a city. Take good care of your skin hygiene. Wash your face once you are back home. If you are out, use a face wipe to wipe off the dust and pollutants. Avoid washing your face frequently. It can contribute in acne development. Twice a day with lukewarm water and a mild soap or face wash is enough.

Don’t use thick and greasy makeup, cream and ointments. Stick to oil-free, non-comedogenic or water-based moisturiser or lotions.

When you are stressed, the stress hormone cortisol is produced by adrenal gland. It results in producing more oil that causes acne. So, avoid stress as much as possible.

Know your skin type. Avoid eating food that do not suit your skin type. There has been no proven studies that chocolates, junk food, fried food, milk and other dairy products, nuts and caffeine are acne causing foods. But we can’t ignore the exceptions. If you are find some food product is causing acne, avoid it.

Stick to low glycaemic foods. Sugary foods raise insulin level that in turn boosts oil triggering male hormones causing acne.

There are few myths associated with the problem. Some people say that it is a contagious disease, however it is not. It is not passed through touching. Some say sunbathing helps to clear acne, but it may not.

Acne can be well treated with the help of correct medical treatment. Nevertheless, you can prevent discomforts and the costs of the treatment by preventing the causes.