As the hot summer wind blows against your hair and face when you are out on the road, it can burn your skin and cause hair dryness. Timely care and treatment is all you need to address all these summer woes. Check your summer beauty kit and ensure it has all that is needed for the hot season, such as moisturiser, lip balm and gloss, mild eyedrops that cleanse the eyes and mild make-up items.

The most important thing to do is to begin your day with water. Drink plenty of water and fruit juice and keep your body well hydrated.

Clean your face using a mild cleanser or a good face-wash.

Wash your hair more frequently to keep your scalp clean from all the dust and sweat.

Keep away rich cleanser and face cream. Instead, stack the kit with moisturiser or oil-free lotion. Experts suggest using lotion with a minimum SPF 15.

Apply mild moisturiser on your face and all over your body. Moisturise over damp skin for effective result. 

If you suffer from sun burn, apply ice cold aloe vera juice. It will give instant relief.

Avoid thick compact and foundation as it may clog the pores. Use foundations with lighter texture.

Stick to waterproof mascara that can help prevent eye make-up from smearing in the heat.

Not only hair and kin, but lips also tend to dry more in summer. Hence, hydration is important. Also, carry a lip balm everytime you step out in the sun and apply it frequently.

Avoid blow-drying your hair as it may make your hair dry all the more. In summer, hair dries faster. So let your hair dry on its own.

And, as you step out of the house in the sun, wear a sun hat, a pair of glares, use an umbrella or a scarf to protect your skin and hair from the harsh sun rays. Stay cool and look lovely this summer.