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Ariana Grande files lawsuit against Forever 21

The Instagram posts appear to have been taken down by Forever 21 in April.

SNS | New Delhi |

Popstar Ariana Grande has filed a lawsuit against fashion retailer Forever 21, accusing the brand of using a look-alike model and her trademark style in their promotional campaign.

The singer is asking for $10 million over claims from the brand and its sister brand Riley Rose which created an online campaign with similarities to her name, likeness and other intellectual property to promote brands for free.

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, this online campaign was intended to trick consumers into believing Grande had endorsed brand’s youth-oriented products reported Hindustan Times.

Grande turned down the endorsement deal because, according to the complaint, the compensation offered by Forever 21 for the proposed social media marketing was “insufficient for an artist of her nature,” reported

Earlier this year, the brand launched a campaign that allegedly gained profit on the success of Grande’s album “Thank U, Next ” and also featured copied scenes from her “7 rings” music video.

The lawsuit also claimed that Forever 21 published “at least 30 unauthorised images and videos misappropriating Ms Grande’s name, image, likeness, and music in order to create the false perception of her endorsement,” stated

The Instagram posts appear to have been taken down by Forever 21 in April. Reportedly, Forever 21 denied allegations stating that the fashion brand had “worked with (Grande’s) the licensing company over the past two years.”