Amazing benefits of orange peels that go beyond culinary and beauty purposes

Do not throw orange peels, they can make certain household tasks easier for you and help save you money

Amazing benefits of orange peels that go beyond culinary and beauty purposes

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Oranges have so many health benefits, but you might not know the secret of their peels. The magic goes beyond their culinary and beauty purpose. Hold onto that orange rind the next time you consume an orange and check the list of its amazing benefits to make the fullest use of this citrus fruit for sure. The citrus content d-limonene is a volatile oil that boasts the credit of keeping your homes shiny clean and scented. So if you do not want to use harsh chemicals while performing household tasks, orange peel is one of the best natural ways to get them done with all ease and perfection.

Benefits of orange peels

Makes a great air freshener: Orange peels are an effective natural air freshener. Drop those orange peels in boiling water and simmer them for a few minutes to naturally fill your home with the amazing aroma of oranges.


Polishes wooden surfaces: Pour a drop or two of vinegar on the white side of  the peels and rub your wooden furniture to polish its surfaces and give them a quick shine. Simply rub the white side of the peel on the furniture and wipe off with a clean soft cloth. Oils in the peel will give a glossy shine to your furniture.

To keep cats away from your greenery: Sprinkle a few orange peels on the top of the soil of your pots or garden area. The citrus scent of the peels will keep the cats away from digging in your favourite green area. Replace the rinds weekly.

Freshens up smelly shoes: If your shores are smelly, put some orange peels inside them setting the white side facing down overnight. In the morning, take the peels out. The peels will eliminate the odour and absorb the moisture like a sponge from your shoes. It will leave a pleasant citrus aroma in your shoes.

Helps keep brown sugar clump free: Brown sugar always ends up hardening and building a big clump no matter how well you store it. This makes it very hard to use. Putting some pieces of orange peels in brown sugar container while storing it can keep the sugar lump-free and easy to use without harming its flavour. Natural oils in the peel keep absorbing the moisture released by the sugar. Replace the rinds monthly.

Degreases kitchen surface: Scrub your counter tops with orange peel with white side facing down. The natural oils in the peel will degrease the surfaces leaving behind a sweet aroma.

To clean glassware: Fill your sink with warm water. Throw orange peels liberally in to it. Place your cloudy glassware in it. Let them sit there for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with water to get your sparkling crockery again.

To clean ceramic stone, porcelain, marble, granite and laminate surfaces: Place as many citrus orange peels as you like in a glass jar. Pour white vinegar over it to cover the peels fully. Let this mixture sit for two weeks, then remove and discard the peels. Add water in equal quantity to this flavoured vinegar. Pour into a spray bottle and use to clean above said surfaces. Do not use this spray on wooden furniture as this concoction can discolour it.

To clean stainless steel faucets: Rub orange peel’s white surface over stainless steel faucets to remove water spots and make them shiny like new.

To clean silverware: Rub silverware with orange peel with its white side down to make them clean and gleaming.

To make your closets smell free: Stinky clothes can create a bad odour in your closet. Lay some orange peels on the shelves to refresh the scent. Replace as they dry out.

To keep mosquitoes away: Orange peels contain high amounts of limonene, a chemical poisonous to insects. Place them in window sills, near the doors and around the yard to keep bugs, flies and mosquitoes away from your home.

Make bonfire scented: Orange peels are flammable and also they do burn slowly. By throwing some orange peels in bonfire, you can enjoy it longer and make it fragrant.

Orange peels are versatile. Besides beauty and health care, they are a natural option for cleaning and much more. Not only do they small great, but they possess anti-bacterial properties making them potent for killing germs as well.

You may miss out a lot by throwing orange peels away. Just like the pulp and juice of the fruit, its peel is also useful in many ways. Save money as well as make your household cleaning tasks easier using this miraculous natural ingredient.