With no-code, digital leaders have strong responsibility to lead their organizations to digital success

Digital-first leaders are always on the lookout for the next big disruptor. It’s time to end the search as a clear winner has emerged: No-Code.

With no-code, digital leaders have strong responsibility to lead their organizations to digital success

(A revolutionary new way of software development has taken the digital landscape by storm and has caught the attention of digital leaders throughout the world. And if experts are to be believed, this is just the beginning of the era of no-code.)

Digital-first leaders are always on the lookout for the next big disruptor. It’s time to end the search as a clear winner has emerged: No-Code.

In the midst of all the pandemic-led uncertainty, only one thing is guaranteed- the future is going to be digital. Digital practices have enabled organizations to function through the pandemic, and their importance is expected to skyrocket going ahead. As a result, the adoption of the right digital tools is a must for any organization to succeed and to eliminate the risk of losing out on the account of being a digital laggard.


Undoubtedly, the next big digital disruptor is No-Code platforms. The recent no-code boom has not been without any reason. More and more digital leaders are realizing that they need to adopt such tools to meet the ever-growing demand for software development. No-code tools are the perfect solution to bridge this gap. They have allowed organizations to transform the way they function by giving a major push to efficiency, profitability and innovation.

What is a No-Code platform?

No-code platform is a tool for those closest to work i.e. business users with no-coding skills to build software applications using drag-and-drop visual interface without writing any code 10x faster compared to traditional development.

No-Code and Its Benefits

Through visually-driven mechanics, custom applications can be built without writing a single line of code. Needless to say, the adoption of no-code tools empowers business users a.k.a citizen developers to build apps on their own and get the job done. Instead of settling for platforms that might not be a perfect fit or waiting for coders to rush things through, no-code lets citizen developers create just the solutions they need within the time at hand.

The benefits of such platforms for organizations are endless, as more and more organizations are craving speed and agility currently. No-code does away with problems related to traditional app development and brings in a new wave of success for organizations.

It does so by:

  • Increasing the pace of app development and bringing down costs
  • Giving relevant people the power to create the perfect solutions
  • Fostering innovation and efficiency in organizations through business automation and customized workflows
  • Increasing collaboration, control, and contribution when it comes to teams and their members
  • Propagating a culture of digital dexterity and citizen development leading to a future-ready organization

Hence, if there is one industry disruptor that digital leaders should be paying attention to, it is the rise of no-code development. In fact, Gartner forecasts that no-code low-code application platforms will account for 65 per cent of all app development by 2024. Any organization that misses out on the potential of such tools faces the risk of becoming an obsolete digital laggard as compared to its competitors.

Busting Some Myths Around No-Code

Even though companies across industries have immensely benefited from the adoption of no-code tools and have produced excellent results, some myths around no-code still exist.

Just to debunk a few of them:

Myth 1: Only simple apps can be created using such platforms

While this limitation might be true for a few platforms, the right no-code platforms allow for the creation of complex custom applications that solve a variety of problems. The reality is that no-code platforms are currently being used for complex enterprise applications in organizations across the globe. While traditional no-code platforms are ideal for simple departmental applications, there are advanced no-code platforms that facilitate business users to build complex enterprise-grade applications.

Myth 2: No-Code platforms are not secure

This depends on the platform you choose. Platforms that are serious about data security and privacy will get their security controls audited against the best security standards available in the market. These standards include ISO 27001 and SSAE18 SOC 2. The customers must validate these certifications before making the choice.

Success Stories

Adoption of no-code tools is not limited to certain sectors or to organizations of a certain scale. No matter the industry, operation, function, geography or scale, no-code has immense benefits for all organizations.

Cochin Port Trust (CPT) is the perfect example. It is a major port in India. Import, Export, and Transshipment processes carried out at the Cochin Port CFS involved extensive documentation and manual handling of the documents just was not efficient enough. All the manual paper-based processes have been automated using Quixy’s leading no-code platform to build a fully automated CFS system. As a result, Cargo dwell time reduced by 25% and process efficiency improved by 40%.

When Dell’s customer experience team faced issues with their internal component system due to its high maintenance and lack of usability, they used Webflow’s no-code platform to build the ideal prototype. This lead to a much-needed harmony between the design and engineering team, which ultimately led to impressive results.

Similarly, a long list of organizations has been able to produce stellar results through the use of this digital disruptor. All it took was the decision to do so from proficient digital leaders.

No-code development is not the future. It is the present. And it is here to stay. Its features and benefits are unbeatable. Any digital leader should be focusing on this path-breaking disruptor to take their organization to unmatched height and success. Top-notch no-code platforms like Quixy, Webflow, Bubble can strengthen organizations to revolutionize the way they work and undergo impressive digital transformation.

To reiterate, with the presence of disruptors like no-code, digital leaders have a strong responsibility to get on board and lead their organizations to massive digital success.