It is rare to provide people with some service that satisfies them and does not make them complain about basic things that they should be provided in the first place while they were availing their services.

This does not seem like a very hard enough job for a service to fulfil. The fact that PMD Digital is one of the only distributor services that are convenient as well as lenient shows how much most of such things lack.

Hamza Khan must have been aware of capabilities because he launched the distributor service in Pakistan. At that point in time, it only provided 154 DSP on a monthly royalty payment basis. Back then, it was not so advanced and only an in house distribution service with a lot to offer.

Otherwise, it is not an easy task for distributing, because just a year ago PMD paid 32 million PKR to its clients. Now they have around 1500 clients who use their services for distribution purposes.

The one thing that is common among them all, they not only use PMD Digital but also really love doing so. You know a customer is really satisfied with the continued use of a particular service without moving onto some other for a long period of time.

They are actually providing a lot of facilities, one of them being expansion and distribution to digital services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, YouTube premium music, JioSaavn, Melon, and 150 other sites. Moreover, they can get your distribution work done in just 3 days; this means that it provides the fastest and safest distribution services.

This is one of the reasons why it is famous not only locally but also worldwide, attracting a good number of clients from all over the world, be it an Indie music creator or a record label, they can get any work done as soon as possible and that too absolutely free of cost. That is the game-changing offer of PMD Digital.

With such advancements in leaps and bounds, Hamza Khan is soon to announce all the details about his upcoming brand new project work which is based on Asian content and providing for Indian DSPs. This also includes caller tunes.