Moaid Mike Abbadi has an ability to provide consumers with wholesale pricing on vehicles.

Moaid Mike Abbadi aka Mike Egyptian is a 38-year-old army veteran from Tampa, Florida who is an entrepreneur, influencer, army veteran, and founder of 813 Motors, offering great prices and quality cars, trucks, and SUVs. His knowledge of vehicles allowed him to open a successful car dealership to tend to his customers’ needs in the most beneficial way possible. As for the people benefiting from his business practices, he is also a supporter of non-profit drives like school drive, turkey drive, and bicycle drive for kids in need on Christmas.

Popularly known as @mike.egyptian on Instagram, he became an influencer as he is strongly driven by his passion for cars that intrigued him to build his own car lot named 813 Motors. His lifestyle portrays how a 38-year-old mogul is driving exotic vehicles and living in 5000+ sq ft houses; which is accomplishable by hard work. He is not a guy who will be held back by roadblocks or barriers from growing as a person and a successful businessman.

With the mission of serving customers and giving to the people in need, he has made many faces smile throughout his life.