Drug addiction is a sad reality in America. Although there are many rehabilitation facilities, we all know that the process of getting sober is never easy. But Christopher Ferry is one man who has not only managed to beat his addiction but has also helped others deal with their own.

Born just outside Atlantic City, New Jersey, Christopher Ferry had a promising future in Ice Hockey. He was even invited to try out for the USA National Development Program, but substance abuse derailed his life. Ferry suffered from addiction for many years before deciding to opt for treatment programs, and after a long and excruciating process of recovery attained sobriety. His journey of sobriety inspired him to help others like himself and establish the Boca Recovery Center in Florida. “When I started using drugs, my life spiralled and completely got out of control. Throughout my journey of recovery, I saw many people suffering from addiction and realized that I wanted to do something to help them,” said Ferry.

Certified by the National Association of Drugs & Alcohol Interventionist, Christopher Ferry is a Master Interventionist who has been a part of the recovery of thousands of people dealing with addiction, including popular rapper RiFF RAFF. The rapper had been struggling with cocaine and molly addiction for four years. Substance abuse was affecting his family, friends, and other personal relationships when he reached out to Christopher Ferry. He not only decided to quit and lead a life of sobriety but also helped Ferry spread the message of the evils of substance abuse.

Ferry is using influencer marketing on social media platforms to reach out to millions of people. Keeping in mind how difficult it can be for addicts to reach out for help, he has made a series of social media and YouTube videos with RiFF RAFF. In these videos, RiFF RAFF swears by Ferry and urges those struggling with substance abuse to reach out to professionals for help. He also speaks about his struggle with drugs and how Ferry helped him out of it. Christopher is also the founder of a group on Facebook called Clean and Sober – Addiction Recovery Support Group— one of the largest addiction recovery support groups that has over 70,000 members.

Apart from running one of the most well-known treatment facilities in the country, Ferry has also opened an inpatient treatment facility in Galloway, New Jersey to provide people in his hometown medical and clinical treatment services for detoxification and residential treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

With over 200k followers on Facebook alone, along with thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube, Christopher Ferry makes inspiring social media content which reaches out to an audience of over 25 million people a month. With the help of influencers like RiFF RAFF, Ferry is using social media and business acumen for all the right reasons. His story proves that no matter how bleak life might seem at times, with a little help, it is possible to triumph over even the most overpowering vices.