Indrajeet Prasad, born in a middle-class family, always possessed the whim of pursuing education abroad. After procuring an engineering degree in India, he was presented with an opportunity in 2011 to travel to Poland to study and pursue his dream.

Today, he works as a Junior Scientist on a European Commission HORIZON 2020 research project entitled ‘AVA: Accelerators Validating Antimatter Physics’. This research consortium contains 11 of the most prestigious and best research institutions in the world including CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland, the University of Liverpool in the UK, and GSI in Germany, amongst others.

Indrajeet Prasad has been awarded one of the most prestigious research fellowships (European Commission’s Marie Curie ITN Grant) award twice in the last five years. He was also selected by MIT, the USA for a short educational program in 2016. He feels that even an average student can reach greatness if given adequate guidance under a good mentor.

“Not being from a ginormous school and not having colossal financial support is entirely fine. I studied from a school with elemental and principal facilities. To reach the zenith depends on how you endeavour to be the prime of your niche,” he said.

Indrajeet Prasad has thoroughly examined the issues of Indian students and utilizing the social media he has mentored many students with minuscule details by resolving their queries and issues on the subject of studying abroad.

Using social media as a proliferating platform, he mentors other deserving students, connects them to multitudinous scholarship opportunities, and explains them the ground reality to clears the haze for them. He wants them to have clear facts rather than a clouded picture.