Ashish Yadav, from Udaipur, Rajasthan, at the age of 17 started his inventory by creating a site named ‘Trybhi’. Ashish designed a website where mobile accessories from all across the world would be available at a reasonable price.

Generating business in e-commerce, Ashish at such a young age grew his hold in the field.

Having a number of hurdles and tremendous competition, Ashish Yadav left no stone unturned in order to achieve his goals. Working really hard Ashish has reached a high level. Today, at 17, Ashish Yadav has a vast range of accessories and a number of online buyers.

According to sources, now he is investing in Bollywood where he would be supplying gadgets. His business ideas are unique making him successful in such a short span of time.

Apart from being a business person, Ashish Yadav is a travel junkie and loves to roam around places. He believes that an entrepreneur should use every opportunity to travel as it helps in getting new ideas.