Representing your country on an international platform is always special and chef turned entrepreneur Harsh Kedia is rejoicing this moment. Having several credits to his name, Harsh is now the youngest chef to represent India at the Gulf Food Festival, Dubai, say the sources. He will be giving a master class there and participate in a startup competition there.

Gulf Food Festival is the biggest food event in Dubai where around 60 celebrity chefs and several Michelin star chefs will be present. The festival acts as a base of showing innovation and turning a normal food item into something different.

Referred to as a “diabetic chef”, Harsh has in store something interesting for diabetic patients and anyone who avoids sugar but has a sweet tooth. He will give an Indian twist to some western dishes and some western ‘tadka’ to some Indian dishes. He is planning to make diabetic friendly Brownie ladoos too.

Proud and elated, Harsh says, “I am honoured to represent India at such a huge platform. It’s amazing to see how the entire globe is fascinating by Indian delicacies. I thank everyone who has been with me in this journey and supported me throughout. I hope I keep making my family as well as my country proud of whatever I do.”