Chiragh Baloch is a digital entrepreneur whose projects are representing the Baloch community around the world. He is also a YouTuber. Initially, what started as making vine videos for fun, quickly turned into a passion. He is a Vlogger and has his own show “The Chiragh Baloch Show” that features on his YouTube channel. In his show, he showcases different Baloch actors, singers, poets, and artists. He provides them with a platform.

Making videos is something he loves the most and acting has been his favorite hobby. Talking about it Chiragh said, “Since my childhood I wanted to become an actor. I love being on camera and it is something which comes naturally to me.” During his school and college days he was more interested in activities like drama and sports rather than studies.

With a unique style to present himself on the camera, he is becoming an influential name on social media. He said discipline is one of the most important things that boosts his confidence and today he can present himself in front of millions. Apart from taking social media by storm, Chiragh is making a lot of waves in the cinematic world.

He is also in talks with many filmmakers and it is believed that the talented artist may make his acting debut soon with a web series followed by a Bollywood film.