Most entrepreneurs are hailed for their business acumen, ingenuity and tenacity, these are the individuals that truly raise the bar and redefine what industry could be. While some may be content with establishing a successful business, most entrepreneurs always seek to expand their horizons. Ryan Vet is a widely successful serial entrepreneur, author, host, and speaker, who has established multiple successful businesses.

Ryan took the entrepreneurial plunge at the early age of 14, founding and co-founding multiple businesses, most of which went on to become major successes. His foresight led him to see a great deal of potential within the healthcare sector, a sector he believed far outweighed any other industry. In early 2019, Ryan launched Boon, a platform with a truly innovative concept at its core. His mission? To make healthcare staffing more accessible and affordable. “The healthcare industry has immeasurable potential. Boon is built on a concept to be a blend of Uber and eharmony, merged with healthcare staffing. I am excited to take things to the next level,” claimed Vet during a recent interview.

Ryan has several ventures in the pipeline industry. Currently, though, he spends most of his time developing Boon. Launching and establishing a new venture is a practice that Ryan thoroughly enjoys. Staffing in the medical industry has several hurdles and challenges that people face regularly. With Boon, Ryan aims to remedy those challenges and offer the industry some much-needed respite. When asked about the idea behind the platform, Ryan said, “After I was done with my research, I identified various problem areas within the industry, and that’s where Boon comes into the picture. I named it boon because that’s exactly what it’s meant to be- a boon to the healthcare industry.”

Apart from being an accomplished entrepreneur, Ryan is also a renowned author, having published two books in the past. His third book is called “Cracking the Millennial Code” and is scheduled to launch in November 2019. It deals with the motivating and managing of millennials.

Ryan has always been passionate about sharing his experience with those around him. When he has had the opportunity to address audiences across the globe, his impactful sessions as a speaker have revolved around topics like managing staff, customer experience, leadership, and entrepreneurship. He also hosts the Dental Experience Podcast, which caters to listeners from more than 20 different countries.

When Ryan isn’t busy managing his entrepreneurial endeavors, he likes to indulge in his passion for beverages. He is a craft beverage expert and has been trained by the Court of Master Sommeliers, as well as the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. His love for beverages has also motivated him to establish a craft beverage lounge in the past, which has grown to cover multiple locations. Ryan has recently signed on as the host for a show called Sip’d, a television show that takes its audience on a journey across the world to discover and experience unique craft beverages. Given Ryan’s affinity for all things beverage, Sip’d is bound to be a fun watch.