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UP cops restrained from using social media on duty

The state police have framed a social media policy after studying the policy of different countries.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

The Uttar Pradesh Police have enforced a social media policy for every policeman in the state with immediate effect, banning use of social media during duty and wearing uniform.

The policy was framed after studying the policy of different countries, a police spokesperson here on Wednesday said.

The most important thing in this is that the use of social media during government work or duty will be completely banned for police officers. This policy would have to be followed from constable to IPS officer.

Apart from this, there has also been a ban on making reels in uniform, chatting or posting photographs without any reason while working in uniform.

Before implementing this policy in Uttar Pradesh, not only opinion polling was done from various organizations, but social media rules of different countries were also studied along with the states.

State DGP has issued instructions in this regard on Wednesday. He has said that it should be followed seriously, especially at the district level.

The 26-point policy says personal use of social media during official work is banned while making videos/reels etc. in uniform or live telecast by any personnel on their personal social media platform is prohibited .Uploading of any type of videos or reels etc. which tarnishes the image of the police, is prohibited on social media platforms even after duty.

Besides, live telecast of inspection of police station/police line/office etc. and participation in police drill/firing and uploading videos related to proceedings on social media is a violation of privacy while uploading live telecast/video of the complainant’s dialogue on social media platforms through any video/reels etc. related to his workplace is banned on government and personal social media platforms.

Police personnel will not post photos from government and personal social media accounts with any person who is, or has been, involved in criminal/unwanted/ anti-social activities, or who has such criminal history, policy says.

No video/photo will be uploaded by the relatives/friends of police personnel etc. from their personal social media account using police uniform, government weapons/vehicles etc. Video or post will not be uploaded/shared by the police personnel through social media for redressal of service related cases. Departmental procedure will be followed by the personnel for disposal of their service related cases.

However the policy says that every police personnel, as an ordinary citizen, is free to use social media and express on it to the extent that he is governed by the Uttar Pradesh Government Employees Conduct Rules 1956 (as amended in 1998, 2002), Uttar Pradesh Police Uniform Regulations, other relevant rules and conduct on social media . But police personnel should not put any such post on social media nor do any such behavior, which is contrary to human dignity and legal provisions.