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SC approves sale of 500 licences in Delhi, to review order after Diwali

New Delhi |

In a bid to stem the rising air and noise pollution during Diwali festival, the Supreme Court on Tuesday lifted the temporary ban on sale of firecrackers and instructed Delhi Police to issue only 500 licenses across Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR).

The apex court said, “More than 50 lakh crackers should be enough” for the area.

In view of the recurring post-festival pollution and related illnesses people suffer, the apex court issued the directions.

The SC said, no import of fire crackers from other states will be allowed and they will monitor the air quality in Delhi after the Diwali festival.

The court also tasked police to ensure that 100-meter “silent zone” around hospitals, courts, educational institutions, religious places is maintained.

“School children should be encouraged to reduce, if not eliminate, the bursting of fireworks as part of any festivities”, the SC said

In 2016, the Supreme Court had suspended the licences of all firecracker sellers in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

The order had come in response to a petition by three infants, all aged around one year, who appealed for a stop to the sale of firecrackers, saying their lungs had not been fully developed.

The SC said as per reports, 30 per cent children in Delhi were asthmatic and steps needed to be taken all fronts to ensure their well-being.